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Abkhazia :: Blue Lake

Абхазия :: Голубое Озеро

Well, this is a blue lake – another lake on the way to Ritsa.
It’s also situated in Ritsa Wildlife Sanctuary, in Abkhazia.
As you can see, water is very blue there, and you can even see some underwater plants. As I remember correctly, blueness is because water is rich with minerals.
Tourists visit this lake on every trip to Ritsa. There are 2 or 3 peacocks, and everybody can have a photo with them, not for free, of course.
The shot is made of 4 sections with 3 exposures each – it was a bright day with lot’s of sun, so, at the moment of shooting there was no way to have both the rock and blue water in one dynamic range, so I just went with HDR this time.
Post-processing is minimal – everything is just tonemapped and adjusted by contrast a bit.

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