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Abkhazia :: In a Cave

Абхазия :: В Пещере

In New Athos, Abkhazia, there is a karst cave system – New Athos Cave.
It consists of 11 halls, 6 of which are opened for excursions.
Amazing view! I’ll post some more shots from these caves later.

Some time ago all of the cave halls were properly lit by colored projectors, but that seemed to really mess up with caves internal ecosystem, and stalagmits started to break down. Then cave owenrs decided to remove almost all of the light, leaving only small projectors with proper light temperature.
When tourist leave the hall and move to the next one, lighting in the previous one is turned off.

This shot was made in the 5th cave hall. Yellowish things are stalagmits, slightly lit by small projectors. At some point during the tour they turn off the lights leaving only these 5 figues lit – that was the moment when I made my shot, exposure was 6 seconds, ISO 1600.

I wish I had enough time to make all shots in the cave on ISO100, but, sadly, they don’t wait for photographers (sigh). So, I missed almost everything the guide said about caves, cuz I was pacing quickly through halls with my tripod and camera, trying to be the first in the next hall and the last to leave the previous one – that way I could make long-exposure shots and, at the same time, choose the best place and composition.
It wasn’t easy – there was ~100 ppl more on the tour, and of course they kept knoking my tripod with their feet (it was really dark there), standing in the frame and so on.

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