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Abkhazia :: Ritsa Lake Viewpoint

Абхазия :: Смотровая площадка на Рице

Viewpoint at the Ritsa Lake.

This is the first place for tourists to see on the tour to Ritsa, and if they not agree to pay some additional sum, they will not see nor Milky, nor Avian waterfalls, and will not apprtiate the amazing bird-eye look of Ritsa lake.

At this viewpoint we’ve spent somewhat around 5 minutes, because everyone from our tourists group was already hungry, so we were a  bit in a hurry.
If you look to this mountains through binocular, you can see another waterfall somewhere in the middle – it starts from a glacier higher to the top of the mountains. And all 5 minutes I’ve spent trying to catch that waterfall through my lense, but could not=)

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