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Abkhazia :: White Stones Sunset

Абхазия :: Закат на белых камнях

Not far from Tsandripsh city (it’s more like a village actually) there are white stones.
It’s not really a popular place to visit, but actually it’s the only interesting spot on the shore where you can get by foot, where you can find some stones in water. Everywhere else just small pebbles.

This shot wasnt easy to get – right behing my back was a large white stone, so there is no way I could make one step back and make another composition. Small pebbles behind my feet were at the level of 45 degrees to horizon, so I had to dig them out to set a tripod. Also, waves kept filling my lense with salty droplets.

So, ankles in water, this was my first attempt of long-exposure shots with stones and sunset in frame.

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