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I definitively should buy a plastic sea star=)

I definitively should buy a plastic sea star=)

I definitively should buy a plastic sea star=)

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For those not at home and wishing they are with family.

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  1. +Anton Averin LOL, its real :D the rock pools were full of them :D

  2. I'm pretty sure it's real, but we don't have sea star here, and they seem to be a great point of interest in a seascape=) I tried playing with autumn leaves, but didn't turn out too well. Sea star can save some shots=)

  3. +Anton Averin Yeah, I use autumn leaves as focal point too, get them deep in the foreground and they work well, messes with the balance of the image but its a great way of getting the viewer to look around an image, have a look at my leaf series in my gallery :)

  4. It was actually one of your shots that made me think about playing with leaves.
    Problem is that on the spot I was shooting I couldn't get close to the stone where I did put 3 yellow leaves, and as a result they were too small on 18mm.
    Anyway, I'll try a couple more times, but artificial sea star can replace leaves when all of them fall on the ground later in the autumn=)

  5. +Anton Averin Yeah, sometimes you just have to get down and dirty to get the shot, I normally shoot with a wide angle lens for these shots (Sigma 10-20mm) as it gives me enough of a frame and will pull the foreground into focus a little more :)

  6. I have only Canon EF-S 18-55mm, 1.6 crop factor – sometimes that's just not enough)
    As for the shot I was trying to make – I was shooting at the breakwater stones, did put leaves on one of them and set up a tripod on another one. So it was simply the closest position I could get with a tripod. I plan to go to the same place today or tomorrow and try to find another shooting location nearby)

  7. +Anton Averin Looking forward to the results :)

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