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Shooting of this sunset was a bit unexpected – I wasn’t going to shoot that day, but sun and clouds were too promising, so I just had to get a cab and quickly get my tripod at home.
When I came to the shore sun already lit the clouds with amazing colors.
I quickly composed a couple of frames, from the most interesting foreground elements I could find without running in search over the seashore, and started shooting.
And yea, there were lot’s of bright and colorful images that I’ve made, but in a result I like this one the best.
Shot in twilight, it’s not that colorful, but you should always thing about bright and colors in photography.

Before & After section
(Left) Photomatix Tonemap | Photoshop postprocess (Right)

Сумерки [До обработки]Сумерки [После обработки]

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