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I see lots of links to great articles about photography on Google+

And that's really good. The only problem is that they are available only for english-speaking auditory.

Is it alright to translate articles? Can I just grab any one of them, translate, put the translation on my blog with the link to original and credits to author?
Or I should ask the author personally about if he's ok with me translating and posting translation?
What's your opinion?
If you write an article, should I ask your permission to translate?

+Chase Jarvis, I decided to start this topic after reading your recent article about 10 things every photographer should learn. How would you react if someone will translate that article and put it in some blog?

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  1. No problem in asking :) I think most answers would be positive and allow further translations.

  2. +Richard Digimist it's great when article is in authors blog, but I've seen situations when an interesting article is posted on some agregator website, sometimes there's is no author's signature, and no contacts.
    The other problem is that I usually can translate while I read the article myself. So I open an article, look it through and decide it can be valuable for my fellow photographers. I could've started translating right away, but.. do I really have to search for author's contacts and ask his permission?

  3. Yes i see and i have heard of authors ranting about such sites that don't credit them and to be fair they are right :) Where you can't contact the author what many blogs do is rewrite the article. In there own words. In fact i bet many blogs do this :)
    Maybe some bloggers have a view on this.

  4. Yea, that's the reason I'm putting up this question. I've already seen one photographer ranting about some blog that posted previews of his photos (with credits and links) without asking permission.
    I live in another country, copyrighting is not that harsh here.

  5. Personally i would never mind but links back are important. I'm sure you will get more feedback to help you. :)

  6. Linking back is not a problem at all=) I'm not interested in stealing other people's work, I just want to spread it further to more auditory.

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