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7×3 HDR exposures in #Photomatix
Post processed in PS

A story behind the lense: http://anton.averin.pro/2011/10/09/abkhazia-new-athos-fresco/

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  1. Stunning tones and excellent details… really nice merge +Anton Averin

  2. Very,very impressive imagery ☺

  3. Nice work. Nice to see people in this one. I've seen a lot without. This works for tomorrows #WideWednesdayPanorama too :-)

  4. +Anton Averin – seems to work for #wideWednesdayPanorama as well. I love vertical panoramas an this one is very beautiful.

  5. Yes, +Craig Szymanski , +Charles Lupica, but a bit too wide for a vertorama in my opinion=)
    I'll reshare the image for Wide Wendesday Panorama also.

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