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Full speed ahead

Полный Вперед!

The light was changeing really quick, and the sky behind me already started to lose it’s red colors to twilight darkness.
I turned around to shoot something, zooming from 18mm to 50mm, clicked a couple of times and turned back towards the sunset, when I saw these stones, close in the viewfinder, with water perfectly lit by setting sun.
So, a little lesson from this shot, and this one you probably already heard hundreds of times: don’t stick to the ‘default’ or some ideal setting, experimen with different angles and positions. And also, be aware of your surroundings.

This shot was blended manually, using techniques described in Jay and Varina Patel’s iHDR Workflow webinar session.

Before & After section
(Left) Photomatix Tonemap | Photoshop postprocess (Right)

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