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Cold Stream

Холодный поток

This is one of my first shots.
And by first I literally mean first.
I had just bought my Canon 1000D camera at the beginning of 2011, and was visiting my parents in Pyatigorsk.
We went on the trip to Dombai, and of course I brought my camera=)
I knew nothing about composition, or camera details, or whatever you may think in photography, back then. So everything was pretty random.
I just dream if I knew all that I know now on that trip. I’d made amazing shots.
Anyway. This is one of the shots from that trip, was going through my archive and sumbeled upon it.
It’s not perfectly composed, or exposed, or everything else. But I find it looking quite nice=)

This was a one exposure in RAW, I made 2 images, one for shadows, another for lighting (just to bring some details), and blended them manually using +Jay Patel and +Varina Patel iHDR workflow.

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