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Contest from +Jay Patel

Contest from +Jay Patel

Reshared post from +Jay Patel

A Google+ Exclusive Contest — Vol 1

Photography is all about learning. It’s not about fancy equipment… it’s about learning to use what you have! We believe that learning to make the most of the equipment you have on hand is one of the most important skills for any photographer. How many times have we heard someone say “If only I had a better camera, I could take great shots!” The truth is, the camera you are using is far less important than the lighting conditions and the skill of the photographer behind the lens.That’s what this contest is all about. Forget for a moment about resolution and crop factors and aspect ratios! Learn to see the potential in the equipment you already have.

Who Is Eligible?
As long as you have a Google+ account, and you are NOT one of our past students you are eligible to participate. (Sorry guys! You know too much about the cameras we use. It just wouldn’t be fair!) It does not matter where you live :)

OnOne Software — www.ononesoftware.com
Perfect Photo Suite 6.
This revolutionary photo editing suite contains some ground breaking applications that will change your digital editing workflow forever. Perfect Photo Suite 6, the dramatic new version of onOne Software's award winning product suite offers the best new tools for solving the most common problems faced by photographers today. Value = $300

Nature Photography and iHDR Workflow Webinar Recordings
More than eight hours of streaming video in four sessions! Varina and Jay Patel walk you through the process of creating stunning landscape images – we discuss the equipment we use in the field, basic composition, histograms, RAW conversion, layers and masks, and our iHDR workflow! The recordings come with over 100MB of samples, notes, and video tutorials. Total Value: $100

How do I Win?

Follow the steps below to enter.

1. Make sure you have circled +Brian Matiash (onOne Software), +Varina Patel, +Jay Patel.
2. Re-Share this post – here’s the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101145980349117737014/posts/j8JSXXACVep
PLEASE INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL URL FOR THIS POST WHEN RESHARING. Please make it clear when you repost that only comments to the ORIGINAL post will be considered valid entries for this contest. You may wish to turn off comments on your re-shared post and direct photographers to the original post.
3. Here’s the fun part… Match the images in this gallery


to the camera listed below. Please follow these simple directions carefully. _Copy and Paste the list of the camera below into the comment box for this post._ Add the image name (Letters A through J) next to the camera.

To make the contest judging easier we are requesting you follow these simple rules:
__Please do not change the order of the camera list below ONLY add the image name (Letters A through J) to the list below
__You can only enter once. You may change your answer as many times as you want until the post is locked for judging. :-) )

Thats it! First person to match the correct and camera and the image will win the prize. We will contact winner on Google+
1) Canon 10D:
2) iPhone 4:
3) Canon 5D:
4) Canon 5D MKII:
5) Canon D30:
6) Rebel XT:
7) Canon 20D:
8) Pentax K1000 (Film):
9) Canon 50D:
10) Canon 1DS MKII:

Trust me…we will make sure that there is a winner. :-) ))

Good Luck to all G+ Fans

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